Weatherford Kangaroo Wrestling

Welcome to Weatherford High School Wrestling 2014-2015.

Coming Up! Weight Certification will be at 9am on November 1st at the wrestling room. For those of you that are new to this, Weight Certification establishes the minimum weight class that the wrestler is allowed to compete in and the maximum amount of weight a wrestler can loose per week. If you are interested in understanding more about this program, click here for the UIL Wrestling Minimum Weight Certification program.

Many of you may be new to the sport of Wrestling and not sure what's going on. For those that are interested, we have provided a copy of the basic Folkstyle Wrestling rules here. Take a moment to look this over and if you have any questions, contact Coach Sanders or one of the booster club board members.

Calling All Youth!
If you are looking for information about the Little League wrestling club in the Weatherford area, you may visit this Facebook site.
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Our current schedule is available below!

Five of our wrestlers enjoyed the opportunity to learn from former World Champion and Hall of Fame member, Gene Mills. Shown in the picture are: Cole Fountier, Bethany Jackson, Nathan Moore, Alan Prince and Travis Prince.
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